Calligaris Upholstery - Fabric

Calligaris Upholstery - Fabric

Calligaris Upholstery - Fabric

Choosing what fabric you want on your sofa can be tricky. There are so many different fabrics to choose from and they all have different qualities from, texture to strength.
All Calligaris fabrics have been tested to the requirements needed and will happily withstand family life. Some of Calligaris' fabrics are also treated by Teflon, which means pesky stains and grubby finger prints will be much easier to clean off.
Take in to account that all fabrics fade in direct sunlight over time which is unfortunately inevitable, so think carefully about the darker, stronger colours. To help prolong this, rotating cushions regularly is a good idea and think about placing a throw over the sofa when not in use.

We understand that choosing colours can be an absolute nightmare if you're unsure. We offer a sample service which charges a £20 deposit for a maximum of 4 samples and once the samples are returned, you can either knock the £20 off the order or simply get a refund. This service is only available for the UK mainland.
Please be aware that we only have a select number of samples in store and we may have to wait for a previous customer to return the sample so someone else can use it.

The Calligaris fabrics range from categories 1 to 3LX. To help you get it right, here is some detail on each Calligaris fabric currently available.


Category 1 fabric, Berna is a soft fabric that comes in gorgeous neutral colours as well as a few statement ones. Made from 100% Polyester, this fabric feels lovely to sit on and and its tight weave means pets will find it hard to dig their claws in.


Category 2 fabric, Aurora is a tougher fabric that comes in neutral and grey colours with light and dark strands mixed together to give a beautiful textured look. Aurora is made from 55% Polyester and 45% Polypropylene and there is less give in this fabric which means it is likely to hold its shape well.


Another Category 2 fabric, Zara is just like Aurora but with a bigger weave and available in the same colours. The bigger weave allows more texture on to the sofa and allows the different shades in the fabric to show through more. This fabric is great if you want to add more texture in to your space.


A Category 3 fabric, Denver is Teflon treated which provides water and stain repellent. This makes it a great fabric with children around or even if you're just a little clumsy like myself. Made from a mix of Polyester, Viscose, Linen, Cotton and Acrylic this is a tight weaved fabric that is great for everyday use. Denver comes in a light and dark neutrals as well as colours such as dark blue and purple.


Kama is a Category 3 fabric made from 100% Cotton. This is a great fabric to choose if you're looking for a statement. Bold colours are available and the weave itself tight which means it is a very durable fabric and perfect for everyday use with pets and children.


A Category 3LX, Cannes is a beautifully soft, textured fabric that is both durable and Teflon treated, because of this it is recommended for everyday use. Made from a mix of Polyester, Viscose, Cotton and Acrylic this is a great fabric to have on any sofa or armchair.


Oxford is also a Category 3LX fabric made up of 72% Polyester, 21% Cotton and 7% Acrylic. Oxford is a lovely hard wearing fabric that is soft to the touch and has a charming pattern which adds texture and charisma. This fabric is also Teflon treated so any pesky spillages are highly unlikely to stain.