Give your sofa a boost

Give your sofa a boost

Give your sofa a boost

Whatever room you're in, whether its a living room, family room, conservatory etc, the sofa is usually a major focal point. However a lot of the time you may find that your sofa doesn't stand out as much as you would like it to.
This is where accessories become useful. They can make a sofa stand out by using texture, colour, shape and size. There are plenty of ways to add accessories in to a room and below are a list of items to help you do just that.


Cushions are an obvious way to accessorise your sofa, practically everybody has cushions on their sofas and of course for good reason. They can bring colour and texture in to a room and easily bring an entire space together - Never use cushions that are the same colour as your sofa!.
If you have gone for a sofa that is quite deep then play around with shapes and sizes as this is a great way to add layers. A rule for myself is that if you have a 3 seater sofa then go for 4-5 cushions, if you have a 2 seater sofa then use 2-3 cushions, this way you are not overloading the sofa and making it appear smaller than it is.

Calligaris have a great range of cushions available in any of Calligaris' fabrics or leathers, only available to order in our Manchester Showroom.


Ottomans were once an item thought of as being old fashioned. I never saw a footstool in our house when I was growing up but my Nana and Grandad had about 6. Now though they have had a bit of a stylish remake and are making a full comeback with lots of people opting for them.
Since I have worked with furniture I have seen the use of an ottoman as a coffee table becoming really popular and very useful for people who don't have a huge amount of space. They have also become somewhat of a compromise when couples have one person who wants a chaise or recliner and the other who doesn't.
Ottomans can become a prominent accessory for your sofa if done correctly. Try using a different material, if your sofa is fabric then opt for a leather ottoman - you can even go for a colour match as the different textures will create a gorgeous contrast. If you don't want different materials then using a pattern or colour that compliments the sofa will no longer make the ottoman a boring, functional addition to the room and instead create a stylish, functional piece that everyone will love.

Calligaris have some really gorgeous ottomans available that match the style of their sofas so all you need to do is decide on the colour and material. Perhaps my favorite ottoman that Calligaris do is the Alyon ottoman. This ottoman is great for smaller spaces as it acts a coffee table, extra storage and fits underneath the sofas chaise out of the way.


Rugs are mostly used on wooden or tiled floors as they bring warmth in to the room, now however, it is popular to use them with carpets to layer up and create texture.
Rugs can dramatically change the look and feel of a room and they are great space dividers especially in an open planned room. Going for big rugs is always better than going smaller, you always want to expose some flooring but go almost as big as the whole seating area, this is because an undersized rug makes a small room feel smaller and the sofa will feel disconnected. I always think a rug should reach at least under the first two legs of the sofa - this defines the seating area properly.

Make sure to pick colours that will frame your sofa and make it stand out, for example, if you have a light grey sofa then the Calligaris Nadira rug would really make an impact. If you have other colours in the room then always try to duplicate one or some of the colours in to the rug.


Gone are the days when the traditional three piece suite is popular, now that smaller spaces are becoming the norm, accent chairs are on the rise.
Accent chairs allow people to have the confidence to express themselves just that little bit more than they would with their sofa. Whatever you are wanting an accent chair for, whether for a style statement, a relaxing place to read or for a more sociable space, accent chairs add personal flare and charm by bringing touches of colour, shape and texture.
We do a vast array of accent chairs suitable for traditional, contemporary, big, small and just plain awkward rooms.

My favorite from Design Icons is probably the Calligaris Lazy armchair. - this chair can do no wrong. The beautiful curved lines and stylish frame create an incredibly comfortable chair perfect for everyone.


In addition to there main function of keeping us warm on a cold winters night, throws are a perfect accessory to boost a tired sofa. They are a great way to inject some colour and texture without needing to spend a crazy amount of money and they're lightweight so easy to move around the room when you want a change.