Calligaris Sofa Sizes

Calligaris Sofa Sizes

Calligaris Sofa Sizes

The choices you make while choosing a sofa will of course depend on how much space you have and how many people you would like to seat at any one time. We do offer a free Interior Design service where we can use your measurements to see how well the sofa will fit. Making sure the size is correct is the most important part of buying a sofa, so please make sure you take the time to measure everything you need to correctly.

To help you know what to measure, here are some things you need to take in to account;

1. Make sure you know where your plug sockets are including TV and telephone sockets. You do not want to be bending down behind your sofa everyday to try to reach a pesky plug socket, trust me, I have to do it and extension cords are not pretty.

2. Where your radiators are can also have an effect on your sofa. A leather sofa will eventually start to crack if placed too close to a radiator. A safe distance is generally 30.5 cm (a foot).

3. Know where your doors are and what way they open in to the intended room. If you have a door that opens in to the room just be careful not to place your sofa too close as you will eventually start to see damage where the door hits. This also applies to cupboards.

4. Something a lot of people don't really think of, is the distance your sofa should be from the TV. Of course most people have common sense and are not going to place the sofa where you will be looking up at the TV and straining your neck but there are proper guidelines that tell you how far away you should be to stop eye strain and fatigue. It is usually advised that with a 32" TV the distance between the TV and where you are should be a minimum 4 feet, after this the measurements go up with each size of TV so make sure to check out.

Once you have looked in to these details, you can properly start thinking about the size of the sofa you want. As a basis to get started, a rough rule is that, what is usually described by most retailers as a small sofa, will accommodate two people and a large sofa will accommodate three people.

We have a great range of small and large sofas although we also do modular sofas, perfect for larger or open planned spaces. All the technical specifications can be found with each sofa on our website.

You may find that two sofas is going to be too big and you do not have enough room to accommodate both. At this stage, Armchairs are a really good item to look at. They offer a lot more flexibility around the room and are more easily positioned in to awkward spaces. Also if you wanted a Chaise on the end of your sofa but you again don't have the room, then most of our sofas come with a footstool which you can move around and bring out when you need it.

Our sofa sizes are as follows;

Small Sofas - 162cm - 198cm (Seat 2 people)

Large Sofas - 202cm - 276cm (Seat 3 people)

Grand Sofas - 308cm - 414cm (Seat 4+ people)

Here's some quick imperial/metric conversions to help you:

1" = 2.54cm

1 foot = 12" / 30.5cm

3.3 feet = 39" / 1 m