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Common Furniture Buying Mistakes

There are many pitfalls when buying a new piece of furniture, in our guide below we outline the things to consider to ensure a smooth purchase and a good buying experience...

Remember to Measure Your Furniture

It sounds obvious but do remember to measure the room you are planning for your furniture to fit into and also check the measurements of the pieces themselves to make sure that they will fit into the room and also that they can be installed in your room of choice.  Items need to be able to fit through doorways, stairs, lifts etc to get to their final position. 

Bear in Mind Scale

A sofa that looks right on the internet or in a showroom might look great in situ but in your room at home it might be too big or not big enough.  Again check measurements and compare the item to other pieces of furniture you have in your room to check the scale is right.   

Pay Attention to Colour

When choosing upholstery for your furniture it is important to check that what it looks like in the flesh particularly if you are trying to match colours with other items.  Although colour swatches are often available to view online it is a good idea to request a fabric or leather swatch* so you can check it against your other items and satisfy yourself that it is the colour you want as often colours look quite different in the flesh compared to on a computer screen. 

*Design Icons can post leather swatches to you at no cost.   

Don’t Pay too Much attention to Fads and Fashion

When buying furniture it is best to choose a piece that you will enjoy for years to come and that will stand the test of time.  It is often too easy to buy the latest piece that is all the rage but which feels dated a year or so later.  Design Icons Modern Classics designs still look good and remain as popular as ever even after over 80 years!   They are pieces people buy to enjoy over a lifetime and therefore represent great value for money.

Think about Who Will Be Using Your Furniture

An important factor to consider before you buy a new piece of furniture is to think about who will be using it and how it will be used.  Do small children have to be considered or pets?  If you or someone in your household is fond of TV dinners perhaps a light coloured sofa would not be the best choice and it would be best to consider removable covers! 

Beware of Buying on Impulse

Sometimes the biggest mistakes occur when buying on impulse. Perhaps you have a number of houseguests imminently arriving and feel under pressure to find something quickly or the price of something seems too good to turn down which can lead to a hasty decision which you may come to regret.

Ask for Help

Sales people are there to help you and they can offer help and advice* which should lead to a better buying decision.  They should know the products well and can give you details about options you may not have previously considered so you may discover something you had not seen or considered before speaking to them.  In this way your purchase should be fully informed.

*Design Icons friendly team will do our best to give help and advice where required.

Don’t Pay Too Much for Your Furniture

When buying furniture, there are plenty of ways for you to save.  You can inquire if the store would offer any special discounts, especially if you are buying several pieces or perhaps you can buy some pieces as ex-display items to make a saving.  It is usually best to avoid “Buy now, pay later” financing plans as you can end up paying very high interest rates if you can’t pay off the loan in the time allocated.

Don’t Pay Too Little for Your Furniture

Sometimes when choosing furniture it is tempting to go for the cheapest deal but often if something seems too good to be true then it usually is!  Cheaper products particular modern classics pieces that are very cheap are usually mass-produced in China or the Far East and cannot be compared with products manufactured in Italy.  At Design Icons all of our furniture is made in Italy and most pieces are made to order especially for you!